Durkee Fabric Duct – IRR Support System

Durkee Fabric Duct – IRR Support System

Fully supported fabric duct, without the hassle of support frames.

Installing fabric ducting that maintains it’s shape when not under airlfow, just got a whole lot easier with the Durkee Internal Retention Ring System (IRR).  We do away with complicated and labour intensive support frames, in favour of light-weight support rings sewn into the fabric.wps_clip_image-21711

The advantages and features include:

  • Faster install times – Takes no longer than hanging standard fabric duct as the supports are already in the fabric.
  • Improved aesthetics -The ducting will always hold it’s round shape.
  • Tested to UL 181 & AS 1530.30 for compliance with AS 4254-2002 – 2.8.2.
  • 15 year product guarantee.
  • Available in anti-static and anti-microbial materials.
  • Condensation free when cooling with permeable fabrics.
  • Great alternative to metal duct

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